Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapist, Monica Platiau Schreuders

Specialization & Training Overview

Essential Health Supplies is in partnership with a certified physical therapist who holds her practice at our location and can assist our clients with specialized orthopedic fittings and ergonomic positioning and sitting assistance. The physical therapist offers as well her own personal therapy services to locals, visitors and or reoccurring visitors who may require ongoing therapy while away from home.

Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy, Université Catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve Belgium

Mézière Method Certified ,AMIK. France: Read More

Lymph-Drainage Certified, Vodder School: Read More

Trigger Points Therapy Certified: Read More

Medical Cupping Therapy Certified : Read More

Manual Therapy Certified, Muscular Chaines GDS, APGDS.France:

It is a global physiotherapy method which integrates body function and its unbreakable link with psychological behaviour. The crucial observations explain the “psycho-behavioural” and “psycho-somatic” consequences that sometimes can surprise at first reading, but they do reveal the relationship between musculo-skeletal function and psychological status. The GDS method is a preventive as well as a therapeutic method which takes into account the relationship between mind and body. It is a method of observation, measurement, testing, analysis and strict interpretation, as well as providing a wide range of the rapeutic tools. For some people it offers innovating experiences to provide awareness of behavior and bodily function to allow everyone to generate their own solutions to their problems.


  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Electro Therapy: Ultrasound & Tens
  • Postural Exercises
  • Cupping Massage
  • Lympho-drainage

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